Interdisciplinary Classes

Starting 2nd trimester, most Cedar classes will be taught in interdisciplinary manner. What does "interdisciplinary" mean? It means that you get to study subjects in a real world manner, with several subjects taught together, around meaningful essential questions. In addition, you will tackle problems that are really happening in our community or in the world, that affect your life. Interdisciplinary learning is a way meant to help you see the connections between subjects and learn problem solving skills that will be usable in your future careers or college classes. 

3rd trimester interdisciplinary classes:

  • Integrated Math and Art
  • Ecology and ELA
  • English 9/10 and World Studies A
  • Computer Apps and Publishing
  • Early College for Native Youth and Plant Biology

3rd trimester stand alone classes (offered for one period, with one teacher):

  • Spanish
  • Video Production
  • Senior Workshop
  • Math Foundations
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Algebra
  • Algebra 2
  • Read 180
  • System 44