For Guardians

At Cedar High School, we believe that the parents and guardians of our students are partners in the educational process.  We invite parents to join the Cedar family by first attending an Open House and Parent Night (held virtually during the pandemic) to learn about the unique features of this new high school. As the students begin to engage in our interdisciplinary, project based curriculum we encourage parents to follow their students' progress by logging onto Echo, our learning management platform. This is where the students and their families can see their grades for each class, find the daily assignments and agendas, and see when things are due. (Note - during the pandemic, all schools in the Shelton School District will be primarily using the K12 curriculum which will have a different login. However, your student will learn to use Echo during the first trimester, and this will be where their advisory class is located). In order to maintain regular communication with the school, each parent/guardian is expected to attend a check-in appointment once every three weeks. At this time, the student, advisor, and adult support person will sit down and review grades, progress in classes, and the student's High School and Beyond Plan. This is a great time to ask questions, problem solve issues, and celebrate student success.


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