Education starts at school and continues at home. There are plenty of things that you, as parents, can do at home to help your child along a strong developmental path. Here are some helpful tips to give your child an advantage at home, which will transfer to the classroom.

Read, Read, Read

Reading is an important cognitive function for children to learn. Take every opportunity you can to read with your child. Make the kitchen, living room, and their bedrooms, into “reading zones” and devote some time every day to reading short stories, homework, or anything that is particularly challenging for them.

Embrace Technology

Cedar High School is proud to partner with the New Tech Network. Use of technology is embedded within our school; each student will have access to a Chromebook that they can take home to access material. During the pandemic, almost all content will be delivered virtually. Please let the school know right away if your family needs help with Internet access or computers. Once we return to in person instruction, students will be conducting much of their work on computers, utilizing the Echo platform, collaborative documents, and presentation tools. In addition, they will learn video production and computer application skills. We also encourage our teachers to design lessons that encourage collaboration with learning communities throughout the world.

Attendance is Vital

Students who attend well perform well in school - the data on this point is vast. It is vital that your student signs in to participate in their online classes every day during the pandemic. Attendance will be taken for each class. Once we are back to learning in person, attending every day is extremely important. Please help your student arrive on time every day, and stay for the whole day. For more details on our attendance policies, navigate to the tab on attendance.

Ask Questions

As you have heard before, no question is stupid. As this is a brand new school, we expect everyone to have lots of questions - staff, students, and guardians. Please ask and if we do not know the answer, we will find someone who does.